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Precast Drafting


SAW DRAFIX provides drafting services with a focus on the precast and cast stone industries. With competence and knowledge in all facets of precast drafting I am able to manage a vast array of projects ranging from simple office facilities to complex university buildings. A strong background and detail oriented work experience allows me to provide quality services to my clients. My precast shop drawings exhibit professional workmanship and a high-class presentation every time.


Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are typically required for pre-fabricated components and consist of plans, elevations, wall sections and connection details. These drawings accurately and properly communicate the design to those who manufacture and build it. Tailored drawings using your title block can be provided or the SAW DRAFIX title block will be used.


Embed Layouts

Embed layouts are necessary for all job site embedded plates and consist of plans at each level of the building requiring them. These layouts give the general contractor the information needed to precisely place each embed in the structure for connection purposes.


Shop Tickets

Every precast panel must have its own fully dimensioned shop ticket, with its own mark number and title block. All information needed to produce the panel is contained in the shop ticket, including as many views as considered necessary to fully illustrate and dimension the panel.


Bill of Materials

The bill of materials itemizes the hardware needed for complete assembly of precast/cast stone onto the structure. It consists of a loose hardware list and an embed list for cast-in and job site embeds. Hardware tickets are needed for embed plates and any other specialty plates with holes etc. This ensures proper production and supply of connection material.



Below are just a handful of precast and cast stone projects I have completed for ConArt Precast, LLC. Due to the large file size of shop drawings, samples of my work will be provided upon request.

Shelby Hall at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AlabamaShelby Hall is a 200,000-plus square-foot facility and is The University of Alabama's largest academic building. The pentagon-shaped hall is one of the most sophisticated campus science facilities in the nation. The structure is comprised of a combination of precast and cast stone which enhance the overall appearance.

Life Sciences Teaching & Research Center at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FloridaLife Sciences Teaching & Research Center is a 170,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that provides new labs and administrative space for the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University. This structure is also comprised of a combination of precast and cast stone accents with the majority of precast being located in the cloister and at the auditorium entrance.

Domiciliary at VA Medical Center in Orlando, FloridaThe Domiciliary at VA Medical Center is a 60-bed residential rehabilitation facility. It is part of the new campus located in Orlando Florida with a design goal of honoring veterans. The north facade is composed of precast column covers and spandrel panels while the west entrance adds contrasting detail with cast stone headers, sills and coping.

Center for Research & Technology at Philip Morris USA in Richmond, VirginiaThe Center for Research & Technology at Philip Morris USA is a 450,000 square-foot facility. It is the newest addition to the Biotechnology Park in Richmond, Virginia. Its facade of large windows are surrounded by precast panels and spandrels which give the appearance of stability and add a quality of visual interest.

Biology Building at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South CarolinaThe Biology Building at Presbyterian College is a 28,600 square-foot building which provides students and faculty with spaces dedicated to their discipline. The cast stone columns and window surrounds enhance the aesthetic appeal and blend harmoniously with masonry elements on pre-existing buildings throughout campus.