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General Pricing, Fees & Info


Available Pricing Links:

NOTE: All prices are subject to change based on your design needs. The complexity of a design and time allowed for completion may also become contributing factors affecting the final price of a project.


Follow the (6) Step

Drafting/Design Process


(1) - Consultations

Consultations are an important first step of the process and will be completed over the phone. See Contact Info.


(2) - Final Price Quote

After consultation with the client a final price quote will be provided which will give an estimated outline of the project's cost. Contributing rough sketches, design ideas, artwork and text files can significantly lessen the final price.

Submitting Photos

Photos can be in color or black and white. If the design you choose uses a black and white photo you can submit a color photo and it will be converted for you at no additional charge.

Digital Photos: Please e-mail to When possible, please send files that are a min. of 300 dpi in either JPEG or TIFF format. If the resolution is poor this can affect the quality of the final design.

Scanned Photos: If you plan on scanning your own photos before sending please be sure the image is free of dust particles and blemishes. Minor photo editing will be done when necessary but if the scan contains too many blemishes there will be an additional photo retouching fee charged to your order.

If you prefer to send a photo to be scanned, please mail directly to:

Sherrill A. Waggoner
1568 Turnberry Ct.
Boulder City, NV 89005

Photos will be returned when your project is finished and has been paid in full.


Submitting Logos or Graphics

Logos: Send logos as EPS files for best quality when printing. If EPS files are not available, then send files that are a min. of 300 dpi in either JPEG or TIFF format. Commercial printing requires all files be in CMYK format while internet printers prefer RGB format.

Graphics: All graphics needed to complete your project may be submitted by e-mail to or sent directly on CD by mail to the address shown above.


(3) - Deposit

Deposits are required prior to beginning all projects. The required deposit amount is 50% of the final price quote and should be sent with a signed copy of said quote. See Payment & Shipping Info for payment options.


(4) - Proofs

Printed proofs are available for an additional cost to the client. Electronic proofs are available at no additional cost and will be e-mailed to you as a PDF file upon completion.


(5) - Revisions

Proofs should be marked up with the revisions needed and returned. Revisions are small changes such as text, change of color, or moving images. It is not a redesign. The amount of revisions to a project will also greatly affect the final price and date of completion.


(6) - Completion

When the precast drafting or graphic design work has been completed the final proof along with a billing invoice will be sent to the client for the remaining balance + any extra charges. Once a signed copy of the billing invoice and payment has been received in full the design will be supplied to the client in a format required for print. Most graphic design work will be done using Adobe Creative Suite 5 software.


Printing Services

SAW DRAFIX does not have a print shop. If you prefer to take on the printing process on your own, I will provide the necessary electronic files to meet your printing needs. Otherwise I'm sure local print shops in the area would be happy to work with me to put the final touches on your project. In this case printing costs will be added to your billing invoice.


Adjustment Fee

An adjustment fee of expenses incurred is charged when the client alters the project after work is finalized. There are no refunds of printing costs if an error is found after the billing invoice is signed. These types of errors include typos, images, color changes, etc.


Cancellation Fee

If a job is cancelled at any point after the final price quote is signed by the client and work is presented by SAW DRAFIX, the client will forfeit their entire deposit.


File Transfer

In order to make transferring large files a little easier I have an account at You will be prompted for a password, which I will provide, then all you have to do is upload your files. It's that easy!