North Arrow




I have more than twenty years of experience in the field of design, planning and creating solutions to effectively get intended messages to the target audience. My broad scope of experience in precast drafting and graphic design include creating projects for large and small corporations, universities, churches, banks, and hotels. The many projects I have taken from concept through to production illustrate my creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills.

As a senior precast drafter for ConArt Precast LLC I conveyed information to general contractors, architects, and engineers using computer-aided drafting (CAD) software. To create my precast shop drawings, architectural and structural drawings were provided from which I gathered data. Frequent participation in conference calls and numerous e-mails ensured my drawings provided accurate dimensions for producing what the designers had envisioned.

As a graphic designer at the University of South Dakota's (USD) Campus Graphics facility I had to be creative and able to communicate my ideas. Desktop publishing was used to prepare artwork and photographs for an assortment of publications including brochures, newsletters, posters, invitations, letterheads, and programs for various departments. My creation of dynamic, interesting, and organized pages covered an extremely broad range of subject matter. I worked with each department to select elements for the design, and then put the layout together using various computer graphics programs.

I also have experience as a graphic designer at Tension Envelope where I received extensive hands on training in the production of envelope designs. I was involved in all aspects of pre-press composition including typesetting, paste up, masking, stripping, proofreading, and camera reproduction. In this position I developed an eye for detail and learned the importance of alignment. The end result was a finished product that was more visually appealing to the client. As an ink technician at Tension Envelope I was in charge of the ink supply for the envelope printing machines. I mixed ink colors, determined proper hue and color consistency, proofed envelopes, and trouble shot printing presses for any ink quality errors. Working in this position taught me the importance of color consistency and the impact different color choices can make on the visual quality of printed material.



I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Dakota with emphasis in Graphic Design. I used free-hand drawing, photography, printing processes, and graphics to create visually stimulating print media of various types. My projects reflected my awareness of every element I was placing on a page, and although aesthetics was important, my main focus was communication to the end user. Art classes honed my creative skills and taught me the importance of using certain values, textures, and colors to convey particular messages to an audience. At South Georgia Technical College I was trained in the techniques of onboard and computer aided drafting, which added the importance of technical drawing as a form of graphic communication to my repertoire. Both artistic and technical design techniques play an important role in conveying a deliberate message to a diverse audience.


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